0x1d: Bummer! git-svn is not named so

For all of you that are trying to install git-svn on your machine: Quite a while ago the git folks reorganized the command line interface, and what used to be called “git-<whatever>” is now called “git <whatever>” . Note the subtle difference here? So if you are looking for the git-svn binary on your machine: there is none.

git-svn is still part of the git-core. Chances are it is installed on your machine alongside git. If not, and you are on a Mac, you install it via “port install git +svn”

It is as easy as this, and it took me hours to find out. Someone should have said this, and someone who said it should have received a better Google ranking.


3 responses to “0x1d: Bummer! git-svn is not named so

  1. Thank you for sharing the information – but for some reason it seems to partially load? Does anybody have a copy or another source?

  2. For some reason only the middle of the post is being shown properly, is it my computer or the server ?

  3. Hey Nick,

    I am not sure what you mean by “shows only the middle of the post”? It looks perfectly fine on my machine.

    BTW: Please note, that 1rad has moved to http://radiospiel.org/1rad/. New articles will only be published there (even though I have to admit there weren’t too many lately)

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