0x28 – Rails thread threats, and run_later

We all know that rails has a rocky history regarding threads. Sadly, that seems also include the Rails port of one of my favourite Merb features: run_later.

Basically run_later takes a block, turns it into a Proc, and sends it to a worker threads for later execution. That way the request processing is not hindered in any way. Say, you want to send a “you have just signed-up” email to your users: this is a perfect solution: easy to use, lightweight (you don’t need extra middle ware), and semi reliable (no fallback when your system breaks down).

However, I ran into few problems using mattmatt’s solution in, at least, development mode:

– the app regularly ran into class (un)loading issues, and
– Rails’ mysql adapter apparently didn’t disposed of used database connections, refusing new connections

While all of the above can be explained as some of the quirks of the development environment it didn’t increase the “trust level” into that solution (and I have to point out here, that markmark’s code looks pretty good to me, and that these problems more likely arise from the somewhat idiosyncratic behaviour of Rails towards threads)

That made me thinking: why use threads in the first place? After all, what we need is a defined point during request processing that gives us a handle to yield of some piece of code, and which occurs after the request’s response has been sent back to the client. And, yes, thanks to metal, I found one.

So here is a solution. It is not as feature complete as markmark’s, tests are still missing, and it blocks the server process until the run_later block is finished. (But you have more than one server process running, haven’t you?)

Someone out there wants to help move that into a regular plugin?


3 responses to “0x28 – Rails thread threats, and run_later

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